Food Aid Programme

It is not becoming of a Muslim to sleep on a full stomach whilst those around him (his neighbours) go hungry. (al-Hakim, al-Bayhaqi, at-Tabarani)

Hunger is a major problem affecting hundreds of millions across the world. Even where famine is not the immediate cause, the grinding poverty that characterises many parts of the world leads to malnutrition, illness, and in the worst cases, death.

Abul Hasan Ali Educational & Welfare Trust is working in Seemanchal Bihar, one of the most backward states of India. More than half of the population is illiterate and socially and economically backward and living below the poverty line.

Seemanchal is a region which lies in the north eastern part of Bihar. Seemanchal covers four District of Bihar which are PURNEA, ARARIA, KISHANGANJ and KATIHAR who`s Proposed capital is PURNEA.

Seemanchal lies in the indo Gangetic plains of India. A river Koshi enters Seemanchal comes out through NEPAL. The Koshi River is known as the "Sorrow of Bihar" as the annual floods affect about 21,000 km2 (8,100 sq mi) of fertile agricultural lands thereby disturbing the rural economy.

Fire incidents are common during the hot summer months in rural Bihar, where people are vulnerable as most still live in thatched homes. These fires almost destroy everything and people don’t have a single grain to eat. Many of them dies in fire and the left one due to hunger.

Bihar in which a large portion of the population battles hunger are usually poor and lack the social safety nets we enjoy, such as soup kitchens, food stamps, and job training programmes. When a family cannot grow enough food or earn enough money to buy food, there is nowhere to turn for help.

Abul Hasan Ali Educational & Welfare Trust emergency food packages are composed of a variety of staple foodstuffs which cover the major food groups. These are usually distributed in areas which are in need of emergency relief as well as in abnormally poor areas.