At the age of 15th year I had to leave my native place (BIHAR) for getting Islamic education at Jamia Mazahir Uloom, Saharanpur (U.P.) far away. On accomplishing my ISLAMIC education, Hazrat Mufti Abdul Aziz Sahib Raipuri (R) placed the administrative and managerial responsibility of MADRASA QUADRIA (Himachal Pradesh) upon my young shoulders.

I had to remain all together occupied in managing the affairs of Madrasa in order to maintain smooth and successful functioning of this very Institute. Some time i toiled from morning till night and could not think over about- my- self and my family. Thus I remained all together unaware about the conditions & circumstances prevailing in Bihar (My native land).

Worthy Shaikhul Hadith Jamia Mazahir Uloom Hazrat Maulana Muhammad. Yunus Sahib advised and inspired to see the deplorable conditions of inhabitants of Bihar, who are very much depressed and backward section of the society with the aim of establishing educational Institution in order to spread the Islamic/ religious education and side by side irradicating the economic backwardness amongst them. I took the survey of Bihar province and realised that people are generally unemployed hence indulging in illegal and antisocial unlawful evil activities. Jungle law prevail every where. There is a complete dearth of basic immunities like electricity, health services, transport and communication etc. Not only this, but the provincial Govt. also interested in vote bank politics only and have shut their eyes for the public welfare. In short any improvement of 21st century could not touch common resident of Bihar during the last 65 years of independence.

By the grace of Almighty Allah and wisdom of my preceptor Shaikhul Hadith Hazrat Maulana Muhammad. Yunus Sahib, we could establish and started the educational institutions at Ali Mia Nagar, Diyaganj, Distt. Araria, Aziznagar-Ufrail, Distt. Purnea and Saidpur, Karankia, Distt. Araria with the purposes of imparting religious education and awareness amongst the masses of the areas of the Distt. Araria and purnea for all round development etc. The fourth institute exclusively for girls is being established in Distt. Araria with the name of JAMIA AAMINA LIL BANAT.

In spite of our best efforts for mobilization of economic resources, to bring a speedy progress for spreading the light of Islamic education and removing the backwardness, we still feeling an accute shortage of financial resources and paucity of funds.

In addition, Abul Hasan Ali Educational and Welfare Trust has been established and got registered and started functioning with the help and guidance of great grand noble spiritual intellectuals to fulfill the mission of spreading Islamic religious education and bringing all round harmonious development amongst the people.

I humbly and very kindly solicit your kind co-operation to contribute generously and whole heartedly by way of donations, LILLAH, ZAKAT, ESAL-E- SAWAB. Insha Allah every amount of your valuable contribution will be utilized up to the utmost care & honesty.