Aims & Objective


  • Undertake projects programs schemes relating to health.
  • Establishing run and maintain poor houses.
  • Providing endowments, stipends, Scholarships And other allowances to poor students.
  • Providing hand pump for drinking water.
  • Managing marriages (Nikah) for the poor girls.
  • Published books, magazines for the development of Islamic theosophy and culture.
  • Help, aid, assist, undertake, establish Modern Co-Educational Institute.
  • Found, assist and support, establish and libraries and reading rooms.
  • Maintain, contribute or to give aid to any existing Medical, Technical, Professional Education.
  • Undertake projects, schemes for providing minimum basic literacy skill.
  • Take up schemes and programs for preserving the secular charter of the Nation.

The main objectives of the trust

  • To work for the benefit of poor and under privileged children of weaker sections of the society in general and Muslim minority in particular and endeavor to Improve the social, economical, cultural and environmental conditions. Educational development and for the advancement of any other object of general utility.
  • To undertake schemes relating to health care i.e. opening health centers for providing free medical treatment and medicines to all weaker sections of the society.
  • To provide hand pump to the poor families to enable them to have clean and fresh drinking water.
  • To open more educational institutions for imparting Islamic as well as general school education as per Government syllabus, and to provide books to poor students at free of charge.
  • To establish, maintain and manage educational institutions under article 30 (1) of the Indian Constitution including professional and technical education in order to get employment in the respective fields and serve the society/ Nation etc.
  • To grant brilliant students belonging to poor families for higher, professional and technical education etc.
  • To construct and provide dwelling huts for those poor families whose belongings are washed away in the floods or lost in other natural calamities. Also to provide rations, clothing, medical etc free of charge.
  • To provide and help in marriages (Nikah) facilities within the poor families.

To achieve all the above goals. We require vast amount of money to finance. It is very difficult to raise money within the state of Bihar. Therefore, we are appealing you to give generously for this noble cause. We accept Lillah, Zakat, Fitra and Sadaqah. Also remember us in your humble duaas.

May Allah (swt) give you reward here in this world and here after. Wassalam.

Gen. Secretary